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Established as an independently operating full service law firm in 2000 in Delhi’s fast growing suburban commercial hub, N South is amongst India’s cutting edge commercial law firms offering quality legal service supported by a network of professional associates and relationships across the country giving us a national footprint. The firm represents a wide range of global clients with a substantial list of domestic clients as well.

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Should feeding stray dogs be banned?

Humans have lived in harmony with dogs for over 30,000 years. But what that means now is no longer clear. Animal activists have long argued that stray dogs have an inalienable right to life and food and no one should be prevented to feed dogs that reside in their communities.…

Are private sting operations legal?

Consider this. An employee of your company has run off with your confidential documents and takes up employment with a competitor. You need to act fast and get a court injunction that prevents him from sharing your valuable trade secrets with your rivals. The company needs evidence to prove the…

Crypto Crazed: Regulating digital assets

It’s always the same old story. Computer nerds develop disruptive technologies that threaten to upend traditional economics and alter human conduct. Legal regulators then clamber to make sense of shifting market forces and domesticating the animal. In recent history, Cryptocurrencies are the latest of troublesome creations that have been vexing…

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