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Career / Work Culture


N South is a client focussed firm committed to the delivery of Quality Service with a quick turnaround at realistic cost.

Equally, N South is committed to promoting rapid skill development amongst its members with full partner support in a depoliticised environment in order to assist its members to achieve rapid professional maturity. Our incentive model of remuneration allows members to choose their work life balance while pursuing their ambitions.

N South Law has an informal but challenging work environment that is collaborative and supportive. Lawyers work closely with the Seniors but are expected to take on responsibility for their cases.  In the long run this can be very rewarding for a talented young Lawyer, both financially and professionally. 

On our part we are committed to developing and promoting from within, this with a view to encouraging and promoting talent. 

So, no matter in which phase of your career you are, if you are interested in working with us, please write and send your CV to:  amit.kapila@nsouthlaw.com. If your profile and experience meet our requirements and we have a suitable opening, we will contact you.


   Working for us FAQs

Q1. What is your recruiting criteria?
  We generally invite lawyers from two to five years experience to join us. We do not offer positions to fresh graduates who do not have a license to practice. Our selection criterion prioritizes:

1. Appropriate education.
2. Speaking and drafting skills in quality English.
3. Commercial orientation.
4. Demonstrated team working skills and leadership potential.
5. Thinkers.
6. Mobility.
7. Gurgaon residence.
8. Liberal education and upbringing
9. References including those from previous employers.

We do not offer positions to lawyers who wish exclusively to be 'corporate lawyers' (whatever that means). We do not encourage specialization in the early stages of our lawyers' careers.
Q2. What format of CV would you like?

We appreciate details CV's in this format to specified dates (the most recent last):

1. Secondary School - school, course, marks and extra curricular activities.
2. Graduation - College, course, marks and extra curricular activities.
3. Post Graduation - College, course, marks and extra curricular activities.
4. Other qualifications - Any other course you may have done with appropriate details.
5. Employment - Organizations, periods of employment, job descriptions and illustrative assignments.
6. Off work interests - In as much detail as you wish. Help us understand who you are.
7. Statement of Medium to Long term Career Objectives and Goals - We want to understand what you want and we want to know if we are capable of supporting your objectives. 


What salaries scales do you offer?


We pay salaries commiserate with experience, seniority and the billing capability of the associate. Where the billing capability is indeterminate, we offer a trial period of probation with a salary revision on confirmation. Start-up lawyers with no revenue stream generation capability are paid salaries sufficient to secure autonomous if modest survival in Gurgaon but not more.


What are my medium to long-term prospects in N South?


We consider ourselves a caring law firm with good work, a good working environment and no in house conflict. We work together, play together, vacation together and party together on occasion. Our lawyers accumulate experience and receive salary increases as their abilities increase.
Over the long term we offer partnership. We are a genuine equity sharing partnership of first generation lawyers now in our 15th year of business together. Our firm has no name partner. Both equity holding partners have progressed to partnerships from associate status. We have a policy paper on partnerships that we have followed.


How do I apply for a position?


Please send a soft copy of your profile to rcd@nsouthlaw.com. It is not necessary that you will receive an answer but we do keep a back list of profiles with us which we use to establish contact when a vacancy arises.

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